IPhone SE 2 Review, specs and Important aspects

Iphone SE2 Review, specs and Important aspects

                            Man does Apple know how to make a video don't they know how to make a commercial for a phone that's brand new or is it brand new well it's sort of brand new it's brand new on the inside and that's what counts of course I'm talking about the newly announced not through an event through a press release of course we know the status we know the situation in 2020 it's the iPhone se - they're not calling it the SE - it's just the SE second-generation but to those of you that just want to get a grip on what it exactly is well it's the iPhone 8 but inside which is the part that counts you're getting iPhone 11 specs and then on top of it all you're getting a price tag and I think this story is mostly about the price tag at 399 especially in a time when brands like oneplus as we saw in those recent unboxing videos that I posted where they're going up market big price tags on their flagship material now


                                 I'm not trying to compare the devices because obviously they're different things and they're for different people there for different customers but as much as you can look at this thing and kind of find it underwhelming to have a device that's like an old device there is a weird kind of nostalgic play that has become evident to me because I'm out in the street well not as much anymore but when I was which wasn't that long ago it was a lot of older iPhones out there you see people in real life hanging onto those old iPhones hanging onto that small form-factor what do they need what do they need to see improved are they like you and I that they need the cutting edge spec that they have to have the the business screamed to body ratio aggressive screen to body ratio did he need all that or do they just want the same thing they have but faster the same thing they have but with an improved camera the same thing they have but with wireless charging or possibly better battery life though that remains to be seen though Apple does say these hey you're gonna have this tremendous battery life I mean you saw the commercial alright so what do I have in front of me here I wanted to know how this thing was gonna stack up this new iPhone se iPhone se - iPhone se 2020 and so I had to bring out bring out the old the history lesson the museum items we have on a far left the iPhone 7 which when the iPhone 8 came out was like okay that's an iPhone 7 and so I had to have that there just to well it kind of fit the table well also so do it like that iPhone 7 iPhone 8 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 iPhone 11 pro max okay cool we get the idea we can slide this one out of there because it's not part of the lineup of course this is an iPhone 8 it's not an iPhone se - but that's exactly what it looks like and the first thing when I went back to reach for this thing it struck me how compact it was it really feels like a trip down memory lane and


                                I don't know if it's just strictly nostalgia longing for a pass that no longer exists and also a future that no longer exists because you know how the lockdown goes so there's some kind of weird warm and fuzzy feeling just hanging onto something that you're so familiar with and it's well so easy to hold because of how tiny it is but then you flip it around the other way and it's actually hard to see it on this phone so I'll pull out the 7 for this purpose you'll flip it over this way and it's well then nostalgia fades doesn't it because you're staring at some giant bezels on there and I'm not sure who's really okay with that or who wants that I'm sure there's people who don't care but it's hard as an enthusiast to look at something like that and be alright with it be happy with it satisfied because it just well that's one of those old tech things where there's no warm and fuzzy it's just maybe there's a warm and fuzzy when it comes to touch ID because you know some people just never really got comfy with the face ID situation of course people are wearing masks now so kind of an opportune time

                                 I wish they never got rid of it I wish these devices had the versatility of some other devices where you have the end display as well as the face unlock but the big important characteristic is the price point and the reason I think this device will be attractive to a number of people three reasons three reasons I'll break it down to three number one price 399 I want an Apple logo in something modern that can run all the tasks I want it to run I want that for a price unlike the pro models I want that for the lowest possible entry okay here you go 399 there's your Apple logo by the way one one thing that did change the Apple logo moved down to the center from where it was on the iPhone 8 to match the other models all right cuz you can see how you see how ugly that looks in this lineup who could accept such a thing so the Apple logo moved out so number one price I want that Apple logo for the lowest possible price I walk into the Apple Store I hit a head over to the website my phone is old my phone is busted I'm at the Genius Bar once the lockdown ends I'm at the Genius Bar my phone is busted or her battery's dead okay I need a new one well what do 

                                I got in the bank account it's not looking good okay I'll take the 399 you see this is kind of the iPhone to fill all the gaps from a person who's not constantly upgrading every single cycle and the way I look at it by then putting that chip in there that that's shared across this variety of devices that are way more money the actual user experience - the immersiveness of the display side the user experience a person feeling like they're using one of these at 399 pat themselves on the back save the extra money you know it's kind of funny Apple having a 399 play that they just announced right on the back of the one plus event where everyone said old they went up market that's not a flagship killer anymore is just straight-up flagship some people applaud them for that other people hey where's the play for a guy like me where's the five hundred dollar play or let alone the four hundred dollar play no granted how can you compare Apple they took an old shell they shoved they crammed the stuff in there it's an old thing kind of made new but I just got to say you from personal experience as much as it's hard for me as a tech enthusiast to get excited about an old form-factor done over again that's us we're in this community we're deep we watch this stuff make these videos out in the real world with everybody else that might not be a part of this specific community it's a different story and that cost component really does matter so first first thing it's gonna be priced second thing is gonna be camera now hear me out for a second here I know you think he's making all these justifications what is he an Apple fan fine : how do produced I don't even use these I know yeah I feel like I'm uh I'm making a case allow me to make a case please if you don't mind I appreciate you spending the time by the way the camera yes these things it's a massive camera setup you've got the versatility you've got the telephoto you've got the wide on on the pro model and of course you have only the two cameras set up on the non pro model but let's just talk about the pro model the flagship how often does the average person end up just snapping a photo with the main camera unit anyway and we know that the iPhone 11 Pro it's got one of the best main camera units on any phone period it's got the price tag to match so you sit down you save yourself 399 and I have the same at least that's what Apple's telling us now have the same camera performance as the main camera on a phone that's well over a thousand dollars in most configurations many configurations say hmm ok I can't bust into the wide-angle I can't zoom in on a telephoto I don't have the versatility but as far as that one-to-one comparison boom I pop off a shot and I have flagship quality camera operation at 399 that's a bit of a win is it not call me crazy you guys do it anyways it's a bit of a win is it not number three is gonna be form factor there's just people out there they have to exist they must be real there's people out there who are not all about this big phone trend I know it's mostly not us in this community here but there's got to be some people out there they pick up these big devices geez man I can't can't handle it it's not me I'm not saying it's me I think it's one of the reasons that the pro model comes in smaller than the first non pro 11 they gave people a flagship option that's smaller than most other flagship options from other brands so Apple's thinking about it what are people's hand sizes what ik what can people put up with and so for those that are out there that just don't want to scale this thing up they want a slim and trim little package for the pocket and I presume those people exist then that's another reason they're gonna look at the SE so just to recap price is number one the camera and 

                                    I'll include the processor in there as well that the power the computing power that's in there as well the modernization of that component but mostly the camera all right we have price camera and size and that's kind of how this SE shakes out I keep referencing the iPhone 8 is the se because for all intents and purposes that's exactly what we're dealing with now the downsides they're fairly obvious you have an antiquated look and I'm gonna keep grabbing for the 7 because I might as well because the look is essentially the same - the glass back you have a very dated look you have a phone that you're gonna pull out of your pocket and absolutely no one is gonna point it that and say hey man cool phone this is not gonna happen granted who cares maybe for some people but maybe you're not even gonna look at it and say anything hey cool phone you're gonna are you gonna be inspired looking at this slab I doubt it does that matter to you you have to evaluate you have to look at it for a person like me on the enthusiast side I like to see the future big bright OLED display go ahead and blame me all right that's where I'm at in 2020 so I think the bad points on it are fairly obvious so I don't really need to recap all of them and certainly if you're willing to expand your horizon and look out to the various other brands that exist globally $3.99 is not chump change you can get some pretty futuristic looking phones for 399 but I really don't think that's who this se2 is for this se2 is for those people that I referenced earlier that wide variety of people and believe me it is a wide variety of people so as uninspiring as this thing might be for people like us we have to understand the play we have to look at what Apple's trying to do and when you combine the global situation with that group of people who are already trending that way the global situation with the economic slowdown and all the rest of it maybe price is this killer feature above all else maybe that's why people have been very sensitive about this recent oneplus launch I've been reading the comments people say what is it that's not that's not the oneplus DNA maybe that's why it's baby is price above all else anyway you let me know what you think that's what I think here it is this is the iPhone se too I mean you can't tell the difference looking at it 
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