This Key Board Will Blow your Mind

This Key Board Will Blow your Mind    

                    I'm always on the hunt for that next cool thing potentially something to enter my setup maybe a more optimal version of something that I'm already using you've seen so many crazy keyboards most of them mechanical some of them crazy elaborate today it's a little more low-key it's a little more low-profile this is a product from Logitech it actually came out a while ago and somehow it slipped under my radar well not today because I've been using a low-profile keyboard recently ever since I've been standing at my desk for some reason the angle 

                                                I'm gravitating towards low-profile keyboards at the standing desk it just fits better for me at the moment well this might be the granddaddy the godfather of low profile keyboards no there are not any mechanical key switches but there are some crazy features inside of something that's almost it's impossibly thin it's called the craft from Logitech and you guys I mean I don't need to explain to you the Logitech love-affair that's gone on for a while this is my favorite Mouse on planet Earth you can go watch the video configurability beautiful wheels on it ergonomics and so forth recently the Logitech app has improved so much for customized ability and that's where this comes in to join the party a little bit the craft has a configurable wheel on it now you're looking at that thinking so wide a wheel I'm turning a dial Microsoft did this a while back with their studio products they had that wheel that you could use for creative input


                                                what does that mean well in certain applications this wheel can actually control quite a bit and potentially increase your productivity level it will work with Illustrator InDesign Adobe Premiere Photoshop Lightroom Word PowerPoint and you can configure what this thing does whether it's zoom functionality or the size of a brush beyond the creative input the keyboard also has illumination which is smart so if you approach the keyboard the backlight pops on the works over Bluetooth or a unifying receiver which is in in the box works with Windows Mac and mobile platforms so it's got a lot going for it but it has a price tag to match up as well as you'd expect with a product in the premium category with a name like Kraft I mean it just it sounds expensive okay so look this is the keyboard now I'll tell you I mean is that a low core what Apple would call this space grey at the top and in the black deck below it it's just it's a nice color combo it's very dark Vador it's very I don't know it's futuristic I like it look at the it's impossibly thin can I can we this is a phone that's a galaxy s 20 ultra I mean it's a big phone but just look at how slim the keyboard is my goodness gracious is that important I mean not really there is an aesthetic component though where maybe if you approach your setup and you find it to be inspiring if it's giving you positive feedback and you spend a lot of time there then maybe there is some value associated with the appearance of the thing but ultimately for me like I said the new angle I'm working a lot when I'm standing it just gives me a different approach the height that I like and therefore the low profile is just a little easier on my wrists at the moment even though I'm giving up some key travel and probably a little bit of typing accuracy also in the package look at this nicely wheeled up rolled up USB type-c cable to charge this up it does work wirelessly and can pair simultaneously to three separate devices with a simple click of the switch over here also in the package as mentioned you can connect via bluetooth or you can use this 2.4 gigahertz little dongle they call it a unifying receiver what do we have on a unit well the key caps

                                     you're probably going to notice right away they have a very strange shape to them they are square key caps but on the inside there's this divot this little recess which of course that's the shape of your fingers and so even though you're giving up some key travel here I believe the hope is that you get some confidence back based on the shape so the quick brown fox and you can see I do not have proper typing technique so for me it's kind of it's even more important for me to have the confidence that I'm on the right key because I'm definitely not see the problem with a lot of low profile keyboards is since you're giving up so much travel often times you may it's easier to accidentally click a key compared to a mechanical key switch where it's a more definitive press plus a lot of the mechanical keys are going to have that natural sort of concave to them as well so this is kind of an in-between type of solution Logitech has come up with you're gonna notice multimedia stuff up along the top play pause you have your volume controls you have controls manual controls for the backlight of the keyboard brightness and I like that they put both Windows and Mac specific keys all we've got it's a very simple as a clean-looking thing which is good in my opinion but that means all we have on the top is a type-c connector and a power switch we hit the power switch and there's a green LED indicator so the Logitech options software has gotten so much better in recent years in the past I have issues with it the new version it really encourages you to customize your experience so just like this the application sees your various devices that's important to know you don't have to do this it would be a shame because you won't be taking advantage of the features here you could just continue to use the keyboard the way it is without even installing the application it'll work like any other

                                 Bluetooth keyboard once you get into the application and you see the creative control come to life it starts to explain to you okay this crown is touch sensitive so by default this is doing volume as you can see but that's really the that's some minor functionality I trust me I like a volume knob oh that's quite satisfying listen to this the crown is contextual the crown adapts to the app you're using and the tools selected how cool is that I can even change the default setting for it prior to tapping it it can control just within the OS volume brightness next previous cuts custom keystroke horizontal scrolling which in a video editing application for example as how I'll probably use it the ability to navigate between tabs as I said previously switch between different desktops or pages and of course zoom by tapping on it because it is a physical button you compress it can control play pause mute show desktop I mean it's soap brightness up that calculator my goodness so we'll switch it for now how about we try brightness okay cool boom screen brightness up and down what if we want it to control horizontal scrolling Oh interesting when I change to horizontal scrolling it eliminated the click enos so now it's a smooth scroll which is what you would want in a timeline for example navigate between apps and just like that navigate between apps re enables the clicky factor so you can stop more easily on a specific spot switch between desktops boom now you'll see the key with the contextual nature is if I open up a bunch of tabs I can just quickly look at this I mean it's so convenient dudes going wild over a little wheel but I'm telling you there have been complete products around the idea of putting a wheel next to your keyboard so you have a secondary left hand input to go with your mouse this is it's very interesting for creative applications of telling you from personal experience I've used wheels for that purpose in the past things like this guy have existed for years and they're very commonplace in editing Suites all over the world but the problem with these is you now have a secondary device somewhere on your desk you need more space it's the less clean look for most people won't justify the space that it takes up on the desk and maybe they won't use it of course some people swear by it everybody's gonna be a little bit different but this achieves some of what that does in a package that really doesn't change the clean line you end up with something that's very slick looking and you hardly even notice this wheel because of the way that it's integrated and you end up with a package 

                    I mean that's your package it's nice it's slick and it just it keeps your mind on the thing that you're working on the location of it hopefully you don't even have to think about it it just becomes second nature with the left hand so I think hence the name of the thing it's going to be targeted mostly at creative people people using creative applications everybody's creative but people using the illustrators and the photo shops and the video editing applications and so on but really I think anyone can benefit from it even in an Excel spreadsheet or even within the OS or even within a browser so I'm excited to use it on a daily I like the design impossibly thin it is the Logitech craft you will pay for it I will tell you what you will pay for it but that's typically the case with anything that sets itself at the top of the food chain 
This Key Board Will Blow your Mind This Key Board Will Blow your Mind   Reviewed by Sharan Blogs on May 31, 2020 Rating: 5


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