Sony Xperia 1 ii Review, Price,Camera,Accesorries , Battery

Sony Xperia 1 ii             

                                             I feature a lot of smartphones here on a Blog it's sometimes it feels like it's a new smartphone almost every other day and to be honest it's sometimes you're not all that excited about every single release because a lot of them seem to be like other releases today that's not the case today I have a smartphone in front of me that I'm pretty certain I'm gonna put my sim card in as my next daily phone because it's bringing something a little bit different from a brand who for whatever reason I don't get that much exposure to that is changing right now this is the Xperia 1 mark 2 from Sony and this device has some stuff in it that you just don't see in other smartphones to start with the Sony camera tech in the autofocus department that they're putting into this smartphone is stuff that they pulled from their pro cameras or semi-pro cameras their mirrorless stuff and even their cinema stuff .

                                   I have so many Sony mirrorless cameras in here and I selected them because they have tremendous autofocus in the full-frame camera segment which believe it or not is not something that a lot of other camera makers are competitive in as it stands right now and you don't have to look around far on YouTube to see a number of Pro or daily youtubers using Sony's a series for that reason now if that tech can trickle into a smartphone if you care about the camera at all then you're gonna be looking at something special in the form of the Xperia 1 mark 2 I mean even the fact that they put the mark the word mark in there which they use for their cameras that stuff has me pumped on its own but it doesn't end there and I know I'm talking a lot before I'm getting into the box but it just feels I'm excited I'm telling you the display on here is a proper 4k display with possibly the highest PPI on the market I don't know probably the highest PPI I've ever seen PPI of 643 that is 3840 by 1644 it is a tremendous number of pixels in here so it is a triple camera set up with zeiss coating on the lenses as well that's another relationship that Sony has that they're pulling from their camera expertise 12 megapixel 12 megapixel 12 megapixel you have an f1 7 24 millimeter wide with a large sensor larger than what Sony did in their flagship last time 1 over 1.7 it's got dual pixel autofocus you have a 16 millimeter wide angle lens and you have a 70 millimeter telephoto 8 megapixels on the front for the selfie camera the display as I mentioned 6.5 inches 4k HDR OLED it has a four thousand milliamp hour battery.

                                  This I know look there's flagships out there they got bigger batteries and normally I'd be complaining about only having a 4000 milliamp hour battery and a device of this price and I might just be willing to put up with it especially since it's got some form of fast charge apparently it can get 50% of its battery life in about half an hour and it also has wireless charging so yes I wish that was bigger but we'll see how it performs it of course has to have the snapdragon 865 and it's also IP 65 68 so it is going to have some water resistance as well now I should mention the price real quick yes it will be expensive 1199 and that puts it in a really competitive territory for your flagship money but they're going to have a pre-order promo which i think is pretty interesting and normally I would look at a promo like this in Philly I don't want the promo I just wish it had a lower price but the promo in this case on the pre-order is a free pair of these headphones so for $11.99 you get these included the XM threes and again normally this would be no big deal to me oh so what they gave you headphones but these happen to be my favorite wireless headphones on planet Earth still to this day and so now that's a real bonus you can pick up both of these for 1199 which which to me since I like these headphones so much again you have to be in the market for headphones if you already own these that ain't gonna help you here is the smartphone first and you can probably tell with the 21 by 9 aspect ratio you get a

                             very narrow phone which makes it easier to use with a single hand while still maintaining a large display by making it taller all right let me pull this out ooh yes so that is a that's a comfy feel in the hand and it does have a forehead and a chin and this is kind of being a staple for Sony they've decided to invest in other departments of the device instead of necessarily working with notches maybe this has to do with their cinema background where they want to protect the proper rectangle for your viewing experience and this is evidenced by their choice to go with the 21 by 9 display which is something that's kind of exclusive to cinema so if you load up a movie in its native format you'll actually fill the display with no black bars on the back of the device here you can see that camera set up it is like I said a triple camera unit I did mention it also supports wireless charging this is a fairly low-key unboxing experience it's very Sony the power brick is 18 watt USB PD USB type-c and it has a type C cable as well and then oh also they do include a standard headset an in-ear style headset with microphone because that is correct this thing also includes a headphone jack that is pretty wild on a flagship device in 2020 this is becoming way more difficult to find if you can find that at all and it is here on the Xperia 1 Mark 2 now the other thing that's unusual about this device is that the fingerprint scanner they've got it on the side it's a thumb print where the power switch is instead of something in display or on the back it's another thing that Sony's been doing and it just makes it just makes things a little more exciting for me to test out a different approach volume is up above the power switch and then the other side simply has your SIM card section which looks like you open it up with your fingernail you do you open up the SIM card tray with your fingernail rather than needing a tool that is an odd little advantage I suppose for somebody who switches SIM cards fairly frequently

                                                       also I just realized with the expandable storage therefore the heavy camera users that may want to extract that microSD card and plug that straight into their system to offload footage that's an option that you have there which wouldn't really make sense with a smartphone that requires a sim tool because you'd be popping that thing out all the time the bottom of the device is gonna have your USBC connector you can also see the microphone there this is the black color bit of a fingerprint magnet I'm sure you can tell already it'll come in a couple of different colors black or purple by the looks of it anyway this is the black one that's the one I would choose call be boring I gotta look at it everyday I love the simplicity of black I don't know if you cut the shirts and a hat so apparently it also has stereo speakers built-in actually I just want to pop up the press release because this device is so fresh I mentioned before the autofocus that Sony is famous for on their higher end cameras that they've apparently integrated into here this one is going to be capable of 20 FPS continuous photo shooting which apparently is the first time that that has popped up in a smartphone ever and that comes back to the advanced autofocus that Sony uses this autofocus in my experience on their dedicated cameras with human eye tracking pet eye tracking is some of the best that I've ever used on a dedicated camera so to see it in a smartphone is just exciting to me now what's interesting about Sony I mean as you're probably aware they're there in so many different product categories it's not just cameras you also probably have heard of something called the Sony Playstation and I remember unboxing gaming phones from Sony dating back to that one that flipped around I honestly can't even remember the name right now somebody will let me know down in the comments I made a video once upon a time this one also leverages some of that expertise by allowing you to connect this thing to a standard DualShock controller so that you can get some competitive gaming done it even has a game mode on it to enhance your gameplay this 4k display is wild holy-moly the pixels in here it is probably the sharpest display on a smartphone at least any of the major flagships now when it comes to the autofocus that I mentioned one of the ways in which Sony has been able to get better performance out of this particular unit is through the larger sensor on the back which is 1.5 times bigger

                                      than on the previous version bigger sensor means greater sensitivity to light which improves autofocus substantially and autofocus has been something I've been really critical about on smartphones particularly on some flagships like the s20 ultra which for me I did get better as software updates rolled out but the autofocus was never it just wasn't smooth enough for me particularly in video mode it was causing a little bit of frustration this is an area where I hope Sony nailed it if it's anything like their cameras we are booted up we'll check the screen brightness max it out you can see it's fairly stock looking Android almost is that it's like fogey stock is it fully stock Wow if feels fully stock to me there might be some tweaks to it but if there are it is not major so you're not getting any kind of fancy refresh but apparently Sony is using some sort of motion blur and reading it here on the press release motion blur reduction technology is equivalent to that of a 90 Hertz display and reduces frame leg for a clearer image quality all right I don't know about all that I think this is a bit of a setback for me coming from a 120 Hertz display on previous flagships that said if I have to make that sacrifice at least in this case I'm getting extra pixels and sharpness because after all this is a 4k display which is kind of unheard of this PPI is not something that's seen on any other flagship so you're giving something up what you are getting something back here's the coolest part by default look at this app cinema Pro and also photo Pro and again maybe I'm a bit of a camera nerd a lot of people in the tech space on YouTube happened to be because well we shoot videos for a living so we pay attention to camera stuff just that logo with a real camera on it you launch into it and you're getting access to features you would never expect to see on a smartphone cinematography Pro sony has a long history developing professional imaging this mode enables you to shoot cinematic footage using a workflow and looks based on their 

                                  flagship Sena alt of venice camera that camera I don't know it's like a hundred thousand dollars legit if you watch a show on Netflix it's it's coming off that camera in a lot of cases also in Hollywood you can apply looks to your image to give it a more cinematic vibe and actually increase the dynamic range or your ability to make it look like a professional image even in post you set up your project like you would in a professional camera with your FPS as well as your resolution you set your camera either to manual focus you can see you could set focus points my goodness this is again I realize I'm getting overly excited here but for anyone that makes videos for a living or a camera nerd this is some wild control to have on your smartphone may I want to shoot the whole show on this particular phone that might be difficult but look at this that is ridiculous these just the appearance of this so professional within a smartphone h.265 codec you have your battery indicator as well as your available memory leftover which of course that would begin to drain as you started to shoot your video and so the point of this for those of you that are unfamiliar what this lets you do by picking these various looks is it allows you to have a little bit more leeway on the image your shooting as opposed to completely crushing it or making it look dynamic artificially so a lot of cameras they want to make colors pop they want to make they want to have tremendous contrast but the problem with that is sometimes you can get your highlights blown out or sometimes you can crush your shadows too much where you lose detail so the idea of having a look like Venice si s is to flatten everything out so that you have or Headroom to work with in your video file and then you can boost it up after when you go to edit it you can do whatever you want with the color but why don't we run a test let's run a test in Venice CS so we're shooting in 24 millimeters and it's actually in manual focus so I'm gonna mess with that and just grab my slider whoa there let's grab focus on the plant as we have it is so finely tuned it's kind of incredible and it's actually smooth to set now you can set different points on here and have it move between them but it is some tremendous professional control here where you might want to run a clip where you actually bring something into focus nice and slow 

                                         Wow oh man you can tell I am too pumped up already it's hard to get that degree of manual focus control in video on any smartphone because the apps don't allow for it or it hasn't been well thought out obviously Sony here leaning into their camera DNA to figure out how to make a video shooting smartphone now the thing is you don't have to use that professional cinema Pro app you can just go into the camera app as well if you want a more simplified experience as you can see this is a more traditional Android camera layout where you can just flick back and forth between video and photo if you're the type of person wants to leave it in automatic mode so we'll run a test clip with this one so this is the standard lens here and you can see it's way more color in there now some people they're just gonna want to pop this open shoot a nice and shoot a nice looking video have the camera autofocus on its own actually let's grab this Sony camera and see how it oh it definitely figures out focus very nicely and again that's all automatic if you don't want to make it too complicated so yes this mode exists for people who want to jump in create something quickly share it quickly and so forth and want to avoid the complexity of the pro app I like that they made it a separate app so you're not clouded by all those extra features when you don't necessarily want them so

                                             as far as the three cameras are concerned I switch to the still photo we have these three options available to us this is the standard focal range kablammo we also have that 70 mil zoom on there boom that's that and then last but not least we have the 16 millimeter wide and look at this it actually has some lens correction when using the super wide lens we can either go for more quality or lens correction which looks like it's gonna crop in a little bit this is nice to have this option as opposed to having it just do it automatically maybe you want that kind of fisheye effect to happen there's your ultra wide so what does this give you again camera versatility man that that is one of the best ultra wide images I have seen on a smartphone oh goodness often the ultra wide is where you really take a hit on these smartphone cameras because of the sensor they kind of it's a bonus they give you the ultra wide it's like you can get people in the frame if need be from a utilitarian standpoint but this looks like a real option to use instead of the standard wide there's the telephoto it's okay it's nice but it's not it's not blowing me away quite as much as and then your standard focal range which is gonna be your

                                           best performer your biggest sensor it's gonna operate the best within autofocus and all the rest of it now let me flip this around and do the selfie as well three two one whoa yes the camera background of Sony is finally paying off it's paying off in a smartphone things are happening here Wow yeah guys I'm telling you I mean I don't even take selfies but I'm telling you beyond the cinema Pro mode there's also a photo Pro Mode think of it the same way essentially photo Pro is going to give you some of the features that you've come to love on the Sony Alpha Pro Series cameras this looks a lot like their camera interfaces the other crazy thing in the photo mode is this 20 FPS still photos oh my goodness gracious and that's how you want to hold it continuous hi I know this feature this setting from their dedicated cameras continuous hi now watch me hold down the shutter real quick 20 FPS or a phone guys guys listen I'm telling you this the next daily it's easy for me to say this is the next daily right now it's just too much there's too much I want to experiment with I just want to see how close this thing can get to replacing an actual dedicated Sony camera inside of something that obviously is far more slender and is in your pocket all the time now this is the game enhancer mode the game enhancer improves your gaming experience you can prevent notifications from showing up while gaming change performance settings and more obviously this is not a gaming phone but it's got a snapdragon 865 so throw whatever game you want on there what about multimedia they made some big claims about multimedia obviously with the high-res display they have Netflix pre-installed so they obviously do care now me I'm more of a YouTube guy what happens to a typical YouTube video my videos are shot in a more standard television type of aspect ratio sixteen by nine but now with these types of devices existing it's becoming harder to justify publishing sixteen by nine all devices are getting taller but this one is especially tall at twenty-one by nine but it's okay because that's part of the reason why I shoot the channel a bit wide so that even on these wide displays when you crop in you're not chopping off my head as you can see now let me just increase the quality here up to 2160p option on a phone tremendous it's vibrating I don't know if I'm into it I'm gonna turn the vibration off and then they've got a new in-ear style which is I guess their promo version this one because it's real stereo I've had a hard time finding alternative that I like that is in the exact same design style as air pods it's not the best sounding it is stereo it's just a little bit muffled I don't know if there's more settings available oh okay few more settings here Dolby Atmos see what happens to the  

                                          YouTube video same videos that sounds a billion times better Wow I've cool gadgets hopefully they're cool well I mean we're gonna find out that's kind of the point of the show it's about a billion times better make sure that you turn that stuff on I presume it's just the Dolby components I'm sort of an EQ on the content but the clarity just boosted substantially and now the other thing I want to try is this side-mounted fingerprint scanner and this is your power switch so your thumb is going to be here it's going to live here a lot anyways okay not crazy quick with that animation it feels maybe slower than it is you have to take that animation that's a bit unfortunate there's like a slow fade to it which makes it feel slower than it might be either way it's not the fastest fingerprint unlock in 2020 by any means I realize I don't have the fast refresh which I've talked about so much and you guys are saying Lu you're crazy white tell me how badly you want that I do I do want the fast refresh and I wish this had that in it like I said earlier at least they're going after resolution and providing you with this crazy amount of pixels in a 6.5 inch smartphone that is the unboxing video I may have to do a follow-up on this because of those various camera modes and the fact that I want to use it more 

                                     extensively but so far so good the cinema inspired Xperia 1 mark 2 one of the only 21 by 9 smartphones maybe the highest resolution display on a smartphone and one of the only smartphones that gives you professional that are similar to what you would get in an actual dedicated camera let me know what you guys think in the comments down below it's obviously a very crowded market as it stands right now for flagship smartphones and particularly smartphones where you're spending this kind of cash where does this one stack up would you consider it for your money and does the special deal with the XM threes put you over the top to actually go ahead and consider it I believe this goes on sale to order on June 1st do you take this or an S 20 altra do you take this or a 1 + 8 Pro do you take this or an iPhone 11 Pro where does this one fit in for you from an interest level from a hype level I want to know 
Sony Xperia 1 ii Review, Price,Camera,Accesorries , Battery Sony Xperia 1 ii Review, Price,Camera,Accesorries , Battery Reviewed by Sharan Blogs on May 30, 2020 Rating: 5

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