Unlimited Data Storage For Free?


You never have to worry about privacy, space, or back-ups again.

Yes, you heard it right. With Lima you can make a self managed cloud storage at your home. So you may be thinking , I have Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive and many other such professional and free cloud storage services, then why Lima? The answer is simple. You are the boss here. Because you set the amount of storage.

Essentially Lima is a small device that plugs into your router, then into one or more USB connected external drives, and then all the information on those drives becomes available for use through the Lima apps, which work on Windows and Apple desktop OS systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile systems. That’s it in a nutshell.

App available on Android and iOS

It gives the user complete control, ensuring they’re no longer bound to a service that charges them monthly, while securing their files and information like never before. That heightened level of security is a desired trait.

It stays home, quietly. You can then access and share your files from multiple devices including computers and smartphones by dragging and dropping to your Lima drive. You’re totally in control. You’re no longer bound to a service that charges you every month or uses your personal files for mysterious reasons. You’re the only one with the keys to your castle, creating an unparalleled level of file security.

This is the most cheapest and efficient method available in town.  Now using the Lima apps you can access your file where ever you are that too across multiple platforms. There, your personal cloud network is ready to rock and roll. Serve hot!

  • Free up space on your devices by storing your data with Lima
  • Open files & directly stream media on your devices without storing them locally
  • Automatically save files so your devices are always up-to-date
  • No more file hunting, sync all your files across you smartphone, tablet & computer
  • Keep your files safely at home, not on some company’s server
  • Easily set up in three simple steps
  • Play your content on TV with Airplay or Chromecast


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