Stay warm this winter with this innovative heater that sells like hotcakes

“EcoHeat is one of the smallest, most environmentally friendly, but also the most powerful portable heating devices in the world”

Is your house too cold during the winter months? Or are you spending far too much money on heating your home?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions (we are sure), you should continue reading this. The EcoHeat was designed by two German engineers to help solve the problem of high heating costs or simply the feeling of extreme cold.

What they proposed is innovative, ecological and revolutionary . They designed a small portable radiator powerful enough to heat very large rooms like small rooms and even your office. The heaters of this technology are normally sold at 300 €. It is currently sold at a much lower price (this will surprise you).

Since this heater arrived on the market, people have gone crazy! Especially as winter begins to hit hard with cold, short days.

Unlike most expensive heaters, the EcoHeat is very affordable only € 89, for a limited time ). It’s finally an affordable price for everyone.

What is EcoHeat?

Simply put, the EcoHeat is the only companion you need this winter!

The EcoHeat is a portable heater small, can be used on a table or in any other place. You can connect it to any place in your home where you are present right now – whether it’s your bedroom, nursery, garage or do-it-yourself shop, or even from your home office. Once you plug it in, you can then set the desired temperature.

Where can I get it …

How does it work ?

It uses PTC ceramic heating elements that allow rapid heating and superior thermal efficiency. The PTC ceramic heating element generates heat after being fed and expels hot air, which is a convection of air to achieve heating for large area.

It increases the heat in just 2 seconds!

The EcoHeat is designed with three adjustable heating levels (fan only / 600Watt low heat / 1220Watt high heat), these 3 options will suit all your heating preferences. The temperature of the EcoHeat can reach 37 degrees! (Why not turn your living room in tropical Thailand this winter, all right, No, it was a joke, you probably would not want a room to be so hot).

What makes the EcoHeat so unique?

  • It is VERY economical and ecological. It consumes the same amount of energy as your TV
  • It can heat up to 70 degrees, let us explain:

The wide-angle auto-oscillation feature provides extended angle heating. The radiator can rotate at an angle of 70 degrees, which will warm a large area evenly .

This special feature makes it possible to produce a very smooth heat on a wide angle, without there being only certain ” hot spots “. The heat will spread throughout the room without becoming unbearable.

Who can benefit from EcoHeat?

The EcoHeat is simple and easy to use . Simply plug it into a wall outlet in any room where you stay, turn it on, set the temperature where you want it, and let it work.

Thanks to its thermostats, it will maintain a constant temperature by keeping your room warm and comfortable without your electricity bill skyrocketing. It can be used anywhere, for example in the garage or in the children’s room. It is also very safe, thus avoiding accidents. The heater turns off automatically in the event of overheating and accidental disconnection.

The EcoHeat is perfect for homes, apartments, offices, garages and even workshops. It is also ideal for older people who need extra warmth to stay healthy.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

EcoHeat is an excellent invention to keep you warm in any weather. This saves you money and eliminates moisture from the walls. It is specially designed in a stylish design to fit the decor of your home.

Even better, if you buy now, you’ll get FREE shipping and a 50% DISCOUNT. Offer ends Friday, January 25, 2019


  • Fast, efficient and powerful indoor personal heating
  • Very safe with Auto Turn Off function
  • Precise heating, smart thermostat with LCD screen to maintain the chosen room temperature
  • Portable design, small and easy to carry. Enjoy it at work, at home, etc. Ceramic plate technology offers rapid heating in 2 seconds
  • Adjustable power mode, 600W at low temperature or 1200W at high temperature
  • Silent technology, you will not hear the heater if it is on


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