How an Innovative Product is Saving Feline Lives


The Proof is in the Litter

Once we have that special cat in our life, the thought of them becoming sick is something that we never want to think about. Our cats mean more to us than they will ever know, and annual vet exams are something we do for them as a preventative measure. As any cat lover knows, cats are tough creatures. They can withstand pain so that their human doesn’t know that they are sick, and without the means to tell us what’s ailing them they can sometimes end up suffering in silence.

So what if there was a way to detect illnesses in your cat that you could perform routinely at home, without having to poke or prod them, all with the help of a revolutionary technology that’s vet-approved? Now you can do just that! Introducing Pretty Kitty Litter: an advanced technology in at-home testing that can work to detect illnesses in your cat in between annual vet visits.

What is it?

Pretty Litter is a revolutionary kitty litter that helps you catch a whole host of health issues sooner rather than later. Saving you money from many unnecessary vet visits or late night and weekend emergency vet visits and potentially saving your cat’s life!

How does it work?

It’s really simple, when your cat urinates in a box filled with Pretty Litter, the litter changes color to help you identify a whole host of potential health issues your kitty may be having before it’s too late.

When Pretty Litter detects a problem, the litter changes color:

If you see a color change, you then know it’s time for a vet visit!

The amazing thing is that it also is better at odor blocking than regular litter.

Sounds great but…. how much does it cost?

I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive this litter is, a 3-pound sack, which should last a month, is on sale right now for $20 (and it’s less expensive if you order larger amounts).

Where can I buy it?

That’s easy, you can buy it from the official website.

You will get it delivered to your door for free and you also get their 30 Day No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.


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